Northern Ballet triumphs with its production of the Great Gatsby

I haven’t read the Great Gatsby for years, but one thing that stuck in my mind about the classic American novel was the decadence and glamour of the era as well as the sadness of the story.
The Great Gatsby at The Grand LeedsThe Great Gatsby at The Grand Leeds
The Great Gatsby at The Grand Leeds

I was interested to see how Northern Ballet would translate the tale into dance – and the results were simply stunning.

Artistic director David Nixon perfectly captured the feel of the novel and the elements I remembered were beautifully displayed in the choreography, gorgeous costumes and elegant set design.

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I got lost in the story, amazed by how well it could be told without a single spoken word.

I can’t pretend to be a seasoned ballet expert, but it is an accessible form of dance which can convey emotions in a way novices like me can understand. One moving scene in particular had a few audience members reaching for the tissues.

The music, put together especially for the production, was composed by the late Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, and was absolutely beautiful. It incorporated sounds of the era including the Charleston, and expressed the mood of the story perfectly.

All the performances were enthralling, however my favourites came from Kenneth Tindall as the aggressive and volatile Tom Buchanan, whose presence onstage could not go unnoticed, and Victoria Sibson as the flirtatious Myrtle Wilson, Tom’s mistress. Their on stage chemistry was captivating.

The Great Gatsby runs until Saturday.

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