China crisis

The incomparable Chinese State Circus will present its breathtaking new production Yin Yang at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax next month.

The colourful spectacle showcases acrobats defying gravity as the ancient discipline Icarian Games returns to centre stage, with a display of human juggling where the body becomes catapult and catcher.

Featuring traditional Chinese stunts, the legendary Bicycle Act will keep the audience on the edge of their seats as 12 artistes manoeuvre onto a single bicycle.

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There will also be the mind-boggling foot juggling with drums, swinging poles, a contortionist and hoop divers with their amazing somersaults, leaps and jumps.

The show will also feature the first UK appearance of the Shaolin Master known as The One.

Yin Yang is at the theatre on Wednesday February 13 at 8pm and Thursday February 14 at 5pm and 8pm.

Tickets are £26, 
£22, £18 and £14, online at www.v
ictoriatheatre. or from 
the box office 
on 01422