Terrier on the Terraces: Robins needs to trade in loan market

James Vaughan
James Vaughan

The Championship is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe. It is also one of the most physical.

Amongst all the great technical players there are more than a handful of powerhouses.

For a team to be able to exert itself in a game it needs a physical presence on the pitch. This isn’t a new thing at this level.

Without James Vaughan, Huddersfield Town lack a physical presence up front.

Against Sheffield Wednesday it was apparent that the Terriers’ front pairing of Danny Ward and Nahki Wells were lightweight.

Maybe one of them could have had more of an effect against the Owls’ robust back four if paired with a stronger player.

But that forms a bit part of Town’s problem: Vaughan aside, there isn’t a single forward in the squad who can fulfil the role of a target man who can take the knocks and unsettle defenders.

Ward tries, but he’s hardly suited to the role.

With Vaughan only intermittently featuring at present, Mark Robins needs to enter the loan market to bring in a striker who can play as more of a target man.

On Saturday, Sheffield Wednesday were able to call upon Leon Best from the bench, and he’s the sort of player Town need to bring in; big, strong, and quick.

Although Martin Paterson is arguably a better finisher than Best, and he works hard for the team, he’s not going to upset defenders with direct running or by winning the aerial challenges.

The loan market needs to be utilised at the back as well as the front.

Without Joel Lynch, the Terriers lack a quick, strong central defender.

Peter Clarke showed on Saturday that he’s no longer a viable option with his mistakes costing both goals, and with the other options being inexperienced there’s a need to bring in experienced cover.