A waft of times past

I WONDER if any readers were watching Dickinson’s Real Deal on TV the other day?

I caught a quick glimpse of a medical box. On the box lid was a label saying Heughans Chemists. This made my memory stray to the chemist shop down the Kingsway Arcade in Dewsbury run by Mr Heughan and his two sons, where we used to go for a bottle of cough stuff instead of going and waiting in a doctors’ waiting room.

The last time I went in for a bottle I was talking to Wiffy Hall, who ran the little car park in Foundry Street, just behind where the Thornhill bus terminus was in those days.

He was called Wiffy because he always had a small thin cigar called a Wiffy in his mouth.

This will probably bring back memories for Margaret Watson as she is fond of writing about what I call the barefoot days when in winter we used to take the oven plate out of the coal fired oven and wrap it in an old pullover, we could not afford a hot water bottle, and then we would go off up to bed. My brother used to warm a house brick up in the same way. Compared to what is going on these days I can say they were happy days.


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