'Local councillors are there to represent and support their community, not to spend time writing puerile, offensive ditties'

REACTION to Coun Auty's song was fierce.

Jamil Akhtar from Kirklees Racial Equality Council, said: “A lot of individuals and organisations are working hard to achieve community cohesion and to make Kirklees a nice place for everybody.

“A song such as this, which will be highly offensive to any sensible person, is likely to incite racism in a small proportion of people who are already the victims of fears and insecurities.

“Coun Auty has a responsibility to look after the interests of all the people in his ward and of the whole of Kirklees. A song such as the one published by him would most certainly lead anyone to doubt that he has accepted and fulfilled that responsibility.”

A spokesman for the Commission for Racial Equality said: “We’d like to point out that people in positions of power and influence, such as politicians and celebrities, ought to exercise certain levels of common sense.

“There’s nothing funny or entertaining in inciting community tensions. Local councillors are there to represent and support their community, not to spend time writing puerile and, to many, offensive ditties.”

Chief Inspector Jon Carter said: “Savile Town is typical of anywhere else in West Yorkshire when it comes to drugs. We do have concerns over the sexual grooming of children in any area however we know this not to be an issue in Savile Town.”

Kirklees Council leader Coun Robert Light said it was up to the standards board as to whether further action should be taken but added: “Clearly these lyrics will cause offence to many people and critically they try to reflect a negative image on Dewsbury.”

Coun Imtiaz Ameen, who lives in Savile Town, said: “Coun Auty’s comments are vile and despicable. He should either resign or be sacked as a councillor immediately. Being an elected member carries responsibility and what he has written is designed to incite ill-feeling and tensions towards a specific community and also throughout Dewsbury.

“His insinuation about paedophilia is inexcusable and he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. For the record, Savile Town is a thriving community. If the success of Savile Town was replicated elsewhere, Dewsbury would be absolutely thriving.”