New classrooms and more places at schools

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Plans to improve school accommodation at several Dewsbury sites have been approved by senior councillors.

The works are aimed at meeting the current and predicted rise in the number of school places needed.

The replacement of temporary classrooms has been approved for Earlsheaton Infant School and Ravensthorpe Infant and Nursery School.

Urgent repairs have been carried out on the existing temporary classroom at Earlsheaton but it has less than one year’s useful life remaining. The new build extension should be in place by September 2014.

The replacement of the ageing double temporary classroom at Ravensthorpe is considered essential as Dewsbury West has been highlighted as an area where more places are needed. The proposals include funding for an additional 36 places.

Boothroyd Junior and Infant School is already working with the local authority to make an additional 210 places available. Further work is needed to provide two classrooms and there will need to be other improvements, such as to the school kitchen. The remaining work will need to be delivered by the school sponsor as this school converted to academy status on October 1.