A new chapter in our long history

IT'S finally here! March 7 has been a long time coming but finally we're delighted to announce the official start of our 150th birthday celebrations.

Over the next few months, we've got some fantastic features lined up for our readers and we want you all to get involved in our anniversary year.

And we've got some changes of our own on the way as well. As part of the Reporter's 150th birthday celebrations we are pleased to be able to announce a substantial investment in our landmark property on Wellington Road.

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One of the most iconic buildings in the town, we moved to our current home more than a century ago and we feel we owe our building a debt of gratitude. A local glazing firm, which specialises in restoration work, is to replace 34 of our windows and renovate the remaining 26. The wooden replacement windows will be in the style of the Georgian originals.

Reporter editor Richard Firth said: "The work on the windows is another important chapter in our history and we're really excited about it.

"But at the heart of our 150th celebrations will be the readers. In all our time in Dewsbury, we've been respected for putting the readers first. They know that we are open in our dealings with them and they have responded to that.

"Take the other paper in the town, the Press. That paper has just withdrawn from Audit Bureau of Circulation certification, the industry's most reliable source of accurate statistics about how many copies of a paper are being sold or distributed.

"Every six months the Reporter is subject to a rigorous inspection to make sure readers and advertisers have the most accurate information about us before they decide to spend money on us or with us.

"99 per cent of the papers in this country subject themselves to this procedure. We're the only paper based in Dewsbury for which you can get reliable, accurate circulation statistics and that's why we're able to say – without any doubt – that we are still the biggest and still the best.

"I like to think we will still be saying that in another 150 years' time!"